Our Cutting-Edge Membrane Technology at a Glance

Membrane Advanced Technology

Strength and safety


Field joint with rain flap

Fabric sections before unrolling


Design and patterning

  • The fabric patterns are computer-generated for maximum accuracy and balanced loads per Air Structure Institute Standards (ASI).
  • Wind design -- up to 150 MPH or 240 km/hr

Cable stress relief system

  • The most technologically-advanced cable system to reduce the stress on the fabric by 80% and increase the safety factor, thus minimizing the possibility of tear propagation and extending the life expectancy of the fabric.

Exterior membrane

  • Polyester-based, PVC coated
  • Opaque with translucent skylights -- no lighting required during daytime hours
  • UV resistant
  • Fire resistant (NFPA-701, DIN 4102)


  • Constructed in sections and assembled with a field joint for ease of handling and transport