What Makes Membrane Structures Inc. the Best

About Us

Our team at Membrane Structures Inc. has been providing fabric structure (inflatable and frame-supported) enclosure solutions worldwide for more than 20 years. We offer systems that can easily be shipped by sea or air to any place in the world and can be quickly assembled by a local labor force under adequate supervision.

Why Choose Us

  • Our air-supported fabric package was developed based on our owner’s more than 30 years of experience in the design and construction of fabric structures for industrial and recreational applications.
  • All the components we provide are much higher quality than any systems offered in the market. Our products are also years ahead of the rest of the industry.
  • We are able to offer our supreme and most cost-effective systems as a result of our collaboration with our team of suppliers and through utilizing our high-technology fabric manufacturing capabilities.
  • We have the necessary infrastructure, experience, personnel, technology, equipment, and financial resources to complete our project on time and to deliver results to your utmost satisfaction.
  • We do not add hidden costs to your bill.

Membrane Structures Inc.

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Phone: (908) 520-0112
Email: info@membranestructuresinc.com
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