Storage And Protection Anywhere!

Most Economical

Temporary or Permanent Use

Membrane Structures Inc. provides fabric structure (inflatable and frame-supported) enclosure solutions world-wide.

The system can easily be shipped by sea or air to any world-wide destination and can be quickly assembled by a local labor force under our supervision.

Designed and constructed to meet the size requirements, application and climate.  


Patent Pending
New Air-Frame Hangar

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Quick Construction Time

Assembled on Site

Most economical and speedy solution for a large, clear-span enclosure, temporary or permanent.  For such application as: 

  • construction site enclosures
  • bulk storage
  • enclosures
  • instant warehouses
  • waste disposal site enclosures
  • clean-up site enclosures
  • temporary warehouses
  • portable fabric structures
  • fertilizer bulk storage
  • fabric silos


Can Be Relocated

Structures offer great portability and can be easily dismantled and relocated to a new site as necessary.

  • Reassemble on an adjacent lot as the project grows.
  • Dismantle, store, and reassemble annually for seasonal use.


Tensile Membrane Structures


Membrane Structures offers a complete line of fabric design, including PTFE, ETFE and PVC coated fabrics with PVDF protective clad.



  • The fabric patterns are computer generated for maximum accuracy and balanced loads per Air Structure Institute Standards (ASI).
  • Wind design — up to 150-MPH or 240km/hr

Many options available depending on soil conditions and wind design, including

  • Helical Earth anchors
  • pre-cast concrete grade beam
  • poured in-place concrete beam or
  • combination of concrete and Helical anchors. 
  • Polyester-based PVC-coated
  • Opaque with translucent skylights — No lighting required during daytime hours
  • UV resistant
  • Fire-Retardant consistent with NFPA-701


Controlled Environments

Very energy efficient; can be easily insulated to accommodate heating or air conditioning.  Our structures have been installed in extreme climates such as Alaska, Greenland and Hong Kong.

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