Industry Leader in Fabric Structure Design and Fabrication

Most Economical: Can Be Used Temporarily or Permanently

Membrane Structures Inc. in Hingham, MA provides fabric structure (inflatable and frame-supported) enclosure solutions worldwide.

The systems we offer can easily be shipped by sea or air to any destination and can be quickly assembled by a local labor force under our supervision.

Our products are designed and fabricated to meet size, application, and climate requirements.

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Quick Construction Time: Can Be Assembled on Site

We provide the most economical and speedy solution for a large, clear-span enclosure. Our product is suitable for temporary or permanent usage. You can utilize it for applications such as :

  • Enclosure
  • Construction Site Enclosure
  • Waste Disposal Site Enclosure
  • Cleanup Site Enclosure
  • Bulk Storage
  • Fertilizer Bulk Storage
  • Instant Warehouse
  • Temporary Warehouse
  • Portable Fabric Structure
  • Fabric Silo

Portability: Can Be Easily Relocated

Our structures offer great portability and can be easily dismantled and relocated to a new site as necessary. With our products, you can:

  • Reassemble on an Adjacent Lot As the Project Grows
  • Dismantle, Store, and Reassemble Annually for Seasonal Use

Tensile Membrane Structures

Membrane Structures Inc. offers a complete line of fabric design, including polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)-, ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE)-, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-coated fabrics with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) protective clad.

Design and Patterning

  • The fabric patterns are computer-generated for maximum accuracy and balanced loads per Air Structure Institute (ASI) Standards.
  • With our exceptional design, we are able to produce items that can withstand winds up to 150 mph or 240 km/hr.

Anchorage System

Depending on soil conditions and wind design, we offer many types of anchorage systems, including:

  • Helical Earth Anchors
  • Precast Concrete Grade Beam
  • Poured-in-Place Concrete Beam
  • Combination of Concrete and Helical Anchors

Exterior Membrane

  • Polyester-Based PVC-Coated
  • Opaque With Translucent Skylights – No Lighting Required During Daytime Hours
  • UV-Resistant
  • Fire-Retardant – Consistent With NFPA-701

Energy-Efficient Controlled Environments

The items we offer are very energy-efficient and can be easily insulated to accommodate heating or air-conditioning. Our structures have been installed in places with extreme climates, such as Alaska, Greenland, and Hong Kong.